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After spending a combined number years in the construction industry, our founders were shocked to find out that the majority of the roofers were still stuck in the past. Expert Construction was founded on 3 main values: Quality roofing, affordable pricing, and a simple process for all our customers. We believe that affordable roofing should be accessible for all Americans! As a company focused on repairs, re-roofs, leak detection, and superior workmanship, we specialize in working with commercial and residential clients on problematic areas of their roof. We have teams dedicated to solve every roofing issue from miss matched tiles to persistent leaks that don't seem to ever go away. Call us to find out how we can help service you.

Expert Construction is our concept of delivering transparency in roofing prices and drive down the costs of roofing installations and repairs. No "gimmicks", just a fair price and commitment to quality workmanship!


Expert Construction is family owned and operated, proudly serving Nashville TN and surrounding areas since 2004. Our years of experience allow us to manage roofing projects in the most expert manner to best display, enhance, and protect your structure. We only select and use the highest grade materials to ensure superlative performance and the prolonged life of your structure. The materials we use are sourced from reliable and trusted manufacturers which guarantee quality results. Whether you need a complete roof installation or simply a minor roof repair, we provide premier services to fit within your budget. Our exhaustive knowledge of roof repair has enabled us to cater to all your roofing requirements.


At Expert Construction we strive to develop innovative, cost effective custom solutions for the most complex commercial roofing challenges. We marry our intimate knowledge of our craft with the latest technology to achieve faster and safer execution, creating a robust commercial roofing system. Every aspect of your project, from pre-construction through completion is important for success. You can be confident knowing Bilt-well always incorporates the highest industry standards with almost a century of experience to every commercial roof repair or installation project.

Complete Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is a big investment, so it's important that you work with a licensed and insured contractor. At Final Touch roofing, we will work with you every step of the way, helping you choose roofing materials that suit you best, pulling all city permits, and working closely with city inspectors.

New Construction Roof installations

Building a home from scratch is no doubt exciting but do not leave your roof until the very last. Get in touch with us instead and ask for a free estimate that will give you reason to shelter your rooms at the earliest. The Expert Construction & Roofing team is known for its skills and professionalism while installing a brand new roof that will make a newly constructed building take shape. We will work together with the other construction workers on the site bringing honesty, integrity and prowess to take care of roof installations.

Sure, you may find hundreds of roofing companies proclaiming themselves as experts of the trade. You will only come to grief if you resort to hire the biggest braggers in town, however. Remember, that Expert Construction & Roofing will not keep the leakages alive, charging you over and over again for little or no repairs done. We do not believe in false promises and will make sure to plug every leak no matter how tiny it might be.

Do not be appalled to find a team of two approaching your roof for making the repairs though. The father & son duo at the heart of Expert Construction & Roofing will work in tandem complimenting each other superbly while your problems vanish without a trace speedily. Finding the leaky areas and stopping the water from passing through happens to be our primary focus when you decide to engage us to provide satisfactory solutions.

Flat roof

A sloping roof is the picture that you have in mind when thinking of a home. However, you may consider installing a flat roof when you need to maximize the space on your roof. This type of roof works wonders for the modern commercial buildings as well. However, the residents of Nashville TN have no qualms in contacting Expert Construction & Roofing when they require using every inch of the roof for diverse purposes.

Sure, there is a belief that the flat roofs will not be able to withstand the pressure of water when there is a downpour. We negate this possibility by making use of the latest roofing materials that do not allow water logging or heat up the interiors during the harsh summer months. You will be able to enjoy putting up all kinds of panels and dish antennas up on the roof and even consider building a spectacular roof garden to enhance the aesthetics with us by your side.
We will not only do a thorough checking and maintain the roof at your behest but will also keep you informed about the hazards that you may put you back financially if you remain ignorant of them. Sure, there are other roofers operating in the same market and will be able to repair your roof too. However, it is Expert Construction & Roofing that will keep you smiling through sunshine, rain, and hail.

We have walked a long way since 2004 and hope to go on for decades. Do ask us for a quote once you are convinced that your roof requires the intervention of an expert and we will be there to take over the responsibility from you.

Metal roof

Installing a metal roof with the assistance of Expert Construction & Roofing is truly cost effective. While you may harbor doubts about its efficacy, we promise to dispel all your fears by providing you with the required information and solving problems of maintenance and longevity of your roof at one go. True, there are a lot of materials to consider when you think of metal but we will not give you anything but the best ones whether it happens to be zinc, copper or galvanized steel totally suited to your purposes.

Our team will be able to handle the installation perfectly causing your metal roof to keep your interiors shielded whether you have a blazing summer or have to contend with a thunderstorm. No! Your cell phone signal will not be affected when we install the metal roofing for you nor should you worry about the noisy pelter of rain and hail as we will ensure to protect you by utilizing heavy-textural folds in the roofing system that adheres to the ‘International Building Code.’